Photographer and artist, his work focuses on thinking about the human being and its relationship with its habitat. In recent year , he has concentrated exclusively on femininity.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina ,  he lived in France for a time before finally settling down in the province of  Neuquén, Argentina. He initially studied music and he became interested in photography in France where   began his production under Olanier JL and Daniel Guy. He later formally studied drawing, painting and printmaking at the School of Fine Arts in Neuquén. Under the auspices of the latter, and the National University of Comahue he started teaching photography. At the International Fortnight Photography of the City of Auch, France 1995 he was invited to act as an instructor of special techniques in B & N.

His work has been exhibited in several private and official venues of the country: Legislature of the Province of Neuquén, Argentina National Congress, Argentina  Federation of Photography, OSDE Foundation, Recoleta Cultural Center, National Museum of Fine Arts, Neuquén. Abroad , the City of Auch, France, the Kutxa foundation in the Basque Country and the International Biennial of Casablanca held exhibitions of his work some of which is also part of private and official collections at home and abroad

He received acceptances and awards in  the Argentina Photography Federation, International Federation of Photography, Hair Foundation BPN (painting printmaking, photography), First  Patagonian Conference of Art Criticism in General Roca, International Fortnight of Photography of the City of Auch, Open Photography Encounter "Festival of Light". Patagonian Lounge Confluence Photographers Association.
For ten years he joined the group of  Confluence Photographers where he served as a teacher, director and jury of national and international exhibitions. The XIV ° Festival of Light had  him as organizer and curator of multiple exhibitions.

Nowadays he is only devoted to production.




















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